OpenAI CTO Hacked, ‘Scam’ Crypto Airdrop Promoted

• OpenAI CTO Mira Murati’s Twitter account was hacked to promote a “scam” cryptocurrency airdrop.
• The tweet’s author had restricted who could reply, so others were unable to easily warn the link was a scam.
• Security researchers believe the site is using an available crypto wallet draining kit that lures visitors into signing requests.

OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account Hacked

The crypto community on Twitter warned others not to click on a link posted on OpenAI chief technology officer Mira Murati’s Twitter account, which promised a free airdrop. The post was live for about an hour before it was deleted and viewed 79,600 times and retweeted 83 times.

Scam Crypto Airdrop Link

The tweet promoted the airdrop of an ERC-20 token and linked to what appears to be a phishing website. The website shared in the tweet is sophisticated and has seemingly directly copied the layout and site design of a real project called ChainGPT with some very slight tweaks — mainly its prompt to connect a crypto wallet.

Possible SIM-Swapping Attack?

Some Twitter users theorize that Murati was a victim of a SIM-swapping attack. Security researcher from blockchain security firm Beosin said that the site uses an available crypto wallet draining kit that “lures visitors into signing requests.” Once the request is signed, the attacker will transfer NFTs and ERC-20 tokens out of the victim’s wallet, according to Beosin’s researcher.

OpenAI Responds

Cointelegraph contacted Murati and OpenAI for comment on how the Twitter account was breached but did not immediately receive response.


Murati’s twitter hack shows how important it is for users to remain vigilant when dealing with cryptocurrency online; as scams are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, users should exercise caution when clicking links or interacting with suspicious accounts online as they may result in financial loss or theft.