Uniswap, Sushi, and More Launch on zkSync Era: Mainnet’s First zkEVM

• The zkSync Era has launched, enabling projects like Uniswap and Sushi to easily port over for scaling.
• zkSync is the first Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible ZK rollup on mainnet, allowing most Ethereum DApps to simply port over with very few changes.
• Matter Labs has spent $3.8 million on security testing, seven independent security audits and a bug bounty program to reduce the risk of any incidents.

zkSync Era Launches

The launch of the first Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible ZK rollup marks a new era in decentralized finance, with projects like Uniswap and Sushi being able to easily port over for scaling purposes. The Ethereum layer 2 scaling network has finally opened its alpha version after four years in development, enabling faster and cheaper transactions than ever before.

Projects Porting Over

Between 32-50 projects are expected to be live by March 24 or over the weekend, including Balancer, Pyth Network, Mute, Redstone, Graph and Argent as well as Banxa, Yearn Finance, Celer Chainlink Aragon Woo Network and Tracer DAO.

Security Testing

Matter Labs have invested heavily into ensuring secure platforms for their users by spending $3.8 million on security testing which included seven independent security audits as well as a bug bounty program in order to reduce the risk of any incidents occurring while using the platform.

Transaction Speeds

ZkSync offers orders of magnitude more transactions per second than Ethereum’s current 10-12 TPS rate with tens of TPS initially available but this can scale up depending on demand from users.


Matter Labs also announced their collaboration with WEMADE who are creators of WemixNetwork in order to make blockchain gaming a reality in addition to many other exciting news that they have coming up soon from zkSync Era’s growing ecosystem.